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Armoured cabins

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TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (TDV) develops and manufactures armoured cabins of various degrees of ballistic and mine protection according to STANAG standards for various model series of Tatra vehicles, including their modifications and adaptation of interiors to be compatible with the interiors of standard cabins. Specifically, the Tatra Force, Tatra Phoenix and Tatra Tactic series.

For the Tatra Force model series, TDV has developed and manufactures armoured cabs in ballistic and mine-resistance level 1, level 2 and level 3 in accordance with STANAG 4569, while their design also allows for a potential increase in the level of ballistic and mine-resistance protection compared to the standard on request. In addition, armoured cabs have special seats that protect the crew from the effects of mines and explosive devices under the vehicle cab.

Level 1 cabs for the second generation Tatra Force series are available in various modifications according to the customer’s requirements. They differ in particular in the roof design (completely flat or with a moulding for self-propelled howitzers), the number of roof hatches (including possible small arms launchers) or the interior design. They are available in two- or four-door versions with a capacity of three to five seats.
The Level 2 durability cabs for the second-generation Tatra Force model range were developed in cooperation between TDV and its Israeli partners. The cabins are delivered to customers in two- and four-door versions with a capacity of three to five seats and the possibility of adjusting ballistic and mine protection up to level 3.

TDV’s own independent technological and design developments are the armoured cabs for the latest third generation of the Tatra Force model range. These cabs incorporate the latest technological features in their construction and can be ballistic and mine resistant up to level 3. The cabs are again two or four door designs with interiors adapted for three to five crew members, and are largely designed in the same way as the standard Tatra Force unarmoured cabs.

For the Tatra Phoenix model range, TDV has developed and is producing an armoured two-door cab with an interior for a crew of three with ballistic and mine resistance level 3. The cab for the Phoenix range is derived from the design of an armoured cab for DAF CF Military logistics vehicles using Tatra chassis, which TDV designed and produces for the Belgian army.
For the cabs of the Tatra Tactic mid-weight range, TDV offers the integration of mine protection for the floor and structural reinforcement, as well as the installation of military features such as roof hatches with hatches or small arms launchers.