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The production processes at TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (TDV) are optimised for the production of top-quality armoured vehicles and other military equipment. The production team consists of highly skilled technicians, welders and paint specialists who are trained to work with the latest technologies and materials. This combination of skills enables TDV to respond efficiently to customer requirements, ensuring high quality even in highly complex production projects.

TDV carries out the complete production cycle – from documentation through production preparation, production itself, assembly to final inspection and testing of finished products. The facilities include welding shops, blasting and painting chambers, which are key to achieving high quality standards. Collaboration with the Government Quality Assurance (GQA) ensures compliance with the strictest standards.

The production of vehicles such as the Pandur II 8×8, TITUS 6×6 and of course armoured cabs and special superstructures underlines TDV’s ability to provide the Czech army and foreign customers with high quality military equipment. The production of these vehicles includes the installation of advanced weapon and electronic systems, which is proof of the company’s technological maturity and innovative spirit.