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We specialize in the development, production, overhaul and modernization of mainly armored and special vehicles for the needs of the Czech Army and for export.


The TITUS 6×6 armoured vehicle belongs to the MRAV (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle) category and is characterised by its versatility of use, strong armouring and high degree of crew protection, but at the same time, despite its weight, it has very good mobility and passability through difficult terrain. It is the result of cooperation between TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, Tatra Trucks, the French corporation Nexter Systems and other institutions and enterprises of the Czech defence industry. Several versions are in service with the Czech Army and other armed forces.


The TADEAS 6×6 is the top product in the special vehicle market, thanks to its excellent adaptability and high performance. The vehicle, developed by TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE a.s., reaches speeds of up to 120 km/h on hard surfaces and has a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes. Thanks to its modular design, the TADEAS can be adapted to different missions, while cutting-edge technologies such as the more powerful Caterpillar engine, steerable first and third axles, as well as the vehicle’s camera system, ensure its excellent handling and off-road capability. TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE a.s. is the exclusive distributor of this vehicle on the market.


The Pandur II 8×8 is a universal wheeled platform with an armoured hull that is available in a number of versions. TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE owns the know-how and technology for the production and development of various versions of the Pandur II 8×8, as well as for its upgrades and conversions, under licence from General Dynamics European Land Systems. Pandur II 8×8 is one of the pillars of the Czech Army’s ground forces armament, where it is introduced in a number of versions and designs. Pandur II 8×8 is also used in the armed forces abroad. TDV is currently developing a new generation of PANDUR vehicle called PANDUR II 8×8 EVO.

Light combat vehicle GEPARD

The Gepard Light Combat Vehicle is designed for deployment in airborne and special forces and is characterized by very good mobility, high ballistic and mine protection in its category and also a large payload. TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE cooperates with Dajbych Plus and other Czech and foreign partners in the development and production of Gepard vehicles. The Gepard vehicle is offered to the Army of the Czech Republic as a replacement for the used special versions of Land Rover Defender vehicles.

Armoured cabins

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (TDV) develops and manufactures armoured cabins of various degrees of ballistic and mine protection according to STANAG standards for various model series of Tatra vehicles, including their modifications and adaptation of interiors to be compatible with the interiors of standard cabins. Specifically, the Tatra Force, Tatra Phoenix and Tatra Tactic series.

Special superstructures

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (TDV), in addition to wheeled armoured vehicles and armoured cabs for Tatra vehicles, also develops and manufactures special armoured box bodies for installation on Tatra chassis in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 versions and more, as well as their modifications. The superstructures have ballistic and mine protection up to level 2 in accordance with STANAG 4569 and are used for various purposes, such as carriers for electronic systems, workshop vehicles, support or command platforms, etc.