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The TITUS 6×6 armoured vehicle belongs to the MRAV (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle) category and is characterised by its versatility of use, strong armouring and high degree of crew protection, but at the same time, despite its weight, it has very good mobility and passability through difficult terrain. It is the result of cooperation between TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, Tatra Trucks, the French corporation Nexter Systems and other institutions and enterprises of the Czech defence industry. Several versions are in service with the Czech Army and other armed forces.

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The superstructure of the vehicle is welded from armored steel plate and is covered with armored panels on the outside, while the inner walls are lined with composite materials. The TITUS vehicle design allows for various levels of ballistic and mine-resistant protection according to STANAG 4569 standards. The vehicle also features systems to protect against the effects of weapons of mass destruction.

The basic platform is a three-axle Tatra chassis with symmetrical spacing between the first and second, and second and third axles. The Tatra concept chassis consists of a central load-bearing tube with swinging independently suspended half-axles with air suspension and a subframe to which the armored body is directly mounted. All wheels are driven, equipped with gear reductions, internal run-flat rims, and a central tire inflation system. The first and third axles are steerable.

The TITUS vehicles can be powered by air-cooled diesel V engines from Tatra or inline water-cooled diesel engines from Cummins. They feature fully automatic transmissions from Allison or other types, and auxiliary Tatra gearboxes. The design and dimensions of the TITUS vehicle allow for unrestricted transport across European railways and on board NATO tactical transport aircraft for its weight class.

Thanks to the high level of modularity in its design, TITUS vehicles can be produced in various configurations to meet user requirements, such as armored personnel carriers, ambulances, command vehicles, communication vehicles, self-propelled mortars, repair vehicles, combat system carriers (anti-aircraft, anti-tank), reconnaissance vehicles, and special police vehicles. For the Czech Republic Army, TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, in collaboration with partners, has developed and manufactures specialized versions with unified superstructures – wheeled armored command-staff vehicles, wheeled armored communication vehicles, and fire support coordination centers.