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GEPARD light combat vehicle

max. crew
engine power (kW)
weight (t)
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The Gepard Light Combat Vehicle is designed for deployment in airborne and special forces and is characterized by very good mobility, high ballistic and mine protection in its category and also a large payload.TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE cooperates with Dajbych Plus and other Czech and foreign partners in the development and production of Gepard vehicles.The Gepard vehicle is offered to the Army of the Czech Republic as a replacement for the used special versions of Land Rover Defender vehicles.

The GEPARD is based on the proven and durable Toyota Land Cruiser 70 chassis, which is still in production and has an extensive global service network. The large interior space can accommodate a crew of up to six with equipment for long duration missions, including full armament and equipment such as radios, IT equipment, prescribed amounts of ammunition, food, water, camouflage netting, mounting and engineer materials, while still maintaining a margin to the prescribed maximum payload.

The Gepard is equipped with a 189 kW Toyota eight-cylinder diesel engine and can be fitted with a manual or automatic transmission. In addition, the technically unique VDS continuously variable transmission can be selected. Thanks to its powerful engine, the GEPARD is capable of towing a braked trailer weighing up to 3.5 t. The engine’s power reserve also allows the installation of additional armour and a wide range of armament. This includes a gun barrel mounted on the roof of the vehicle, at all four doors and at the rear, which can accommodate a heavy M2 machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber, Minimi light machine guns of 7.62 or 5.56 mm calibre or the crew’s personal armament. The armament also includes portable anti-tank weapons such as two RPG-75s, two Carl Gustav M3s and a light mortar. Specialized trailers for armament and other equipment can also be attached to the GEPARD vehicle.