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Integrated system management policy

Tatra Defence Vehicle a.s., due to the need to maintain and develop business activities, diligently implements an Integrated Management System Policy. This policy is founded on commitments to all customers, employees, owners, stakeholders, and the environment, emphasizing adherence to several core principles designed to uphold and enhance these commitments.


  • The definitive measure of our work quality is the satisfaction of all our customers, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Personal engagement and activity of all company management members are key for the diligent application and continuous improvement of the integrated management system. The management commits to continually improving this system, minimizing occupational and information security risks.
  • Constant renewal of all technology, including improvements to logistical and information systems, is crucial for providing quality services while minimizing environmental impacts and safety risks.
  • Only competent, satisfied, and positively motivated employees are fundamental to producing quality products and services, improving environmental profiles, and ensuring workplace and information security.
  • Timely and thorough implementation of corrective and preventative measures is the foundation for improving all company processes.
  • We collaborate with our suppliers on the principle of long-term partnership, benefiting all involved parties.
  • Environmental protection, workplace safety, and information security are as important as economic outcomes.
  • Prevention is a fundamental element of operation.
  • Adhering to legislative requirements in all management areas is our minimum standard, which company management also commits to fulfill.


In relations with our suppliers, aspects of quality, environment, workplace safety, and information security cannot be overlooked.


To fulfill these principles, the owners of Tatra Defence Vehicle a.s. commit to providing all necessary resources.


In Kopřivnice, September 1, 2015.


Integrated Management System Policy


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