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After-sales services

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (TDV) provides comprehensive service and maintenance of armoured vehicles Pandur II 8×8 and TITUS 6×6, special vehicles on Tatra chassis, as well as vehicles on off-road platforms Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Defender.

TDV also provides production and supply of spare parts, training of crews and service teams of the vehicles, as well as logistic and service support directly at the customer’s site.

Spare parts

As part of its service TDV supplies original spare parts including related documentation. TDV also offers a defect center that specializes in testing weapon station components. In order to ensure immediate availability of spare parts, especially for the needs of the Czech Army equipment, the company has extensive spare parts warehouses on its premises and is able to manufacture some components if necessary.

Logistical support

As part of its customer support, TDV also provides service and logistics services directly to customers. This includes, for example, carrying out defect inspections at the user’s premises, carrying out minor repairs, checking that routine maintenance is carried out on the operator’s equipment and other specialist activities directly supporting the operation and maintenance of the vehicles at their place of business.

Comprehensive lifecycle assurance

TDV provides total service and maintenance of the manufactured equipment throughout its entire life cycle. Basic technical support includes, for example, the provision of services by a mobile technical team, carrying out technical maintenance, carrying out statutory inspections or providing advisory and consultancy services, etc.

Crew and service team training

In order to develop and improve the professional knowledge and skills of military equipment users and service personnel, TDV provides regular training and education. For example, TDV provides training for workshop specialists, instructors and vehicle crews and other personnel.