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The TADEAS 6×6 is the top product in the special vehicle market, thanks to its excellent adaptability and high performance. The vehicle, developed by TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE a.s., reaches speeds of up to 120 km/h on hard surfaces and has a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes. Thanks to its modular design, the TADEAS can be adapted to different missions, while cutting-edge technologies such as the more powerful Caterpillar engine, steerable first and third axles, as well as the vehicle’s camera system, ensure its excellent handling and off-road capability. TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE a.s. is the exclusive distributor of this vehicle on the market.

The TADEAS vehicle offers space for every mission, with seating for a driver, a commander, and up to 11 crew members. It’s well-suited for operations requiring both large and small team coordination. The vehicle can be equipped with ballistic protection up to level 4 and anti-mine protection up to levels M4a/M4b, according to STANAG 4569 standards. TADEAS is a robust platform, adaptable for military, firefighting, or rescue operations, customizable to specific customer requirements, making it a reliable ally in high-risk environments.