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TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE develops, manufactures and maintain armoured cabins for TATRA chassis. For TATRA Tactic (T810) cabins we offer integration of mine blast protection and enhanced construction as well as installation of standard combat elements such as roof manhole with hatch or tactical weapon mount. For Tatra Force category vehicles (T815-7) we manufacture and supply armoured cabins with ballistic and mine blast protection Level 1 and Level 2 of STANAG 4569.

Cabins of ballistic protection Level 1 have been developed by specialists of company TDV and are being supplied in various modifications according to the customer requirements. The main differences are the roof-design (flat or self-propelled howitzer modification), number of the roof manholes (incl. tactical weapon mount) or interior integration. TDV manufactures two- or four door variants with capacity 3-5 seats. Cabin construction enables upgrade of ballistic and mine blast protection capability.
Cabins of ballistic protection Level 2 have been developed for TATRA vehicles category Force by TDV together with Israeli partners. Cabins are being delivered to the customers in two- or four door versions with capacity 3-5 seats with ballistic protection upgrade up to Level 3.
Cabins with Level 1 and Level 2 ballistic protection have in most aspects very similar interior integration as other non-ballistic cabins of TATRA vehicles including dashboard control panel and control units. Ballistic cabins are equipped with special seats protecting their crew from mine blasts or explosive devices under the cabin.
TDV also developed and supplies specialized ballistic cabins for DAF vehicles CF category on TATRA chassis for Belgian Armed Forces. Those cabins have ballistic and mine blast protection Level 3.

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