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TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System) is the result of the co-operation between companies TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, TATRA TRUCK and French manufacturer of specialized defence land forces products NEXTER SYSTEMS. TITUS belongs to the MRAV (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle) category vehicle with ballistic and anti-mine protection from Level 1 till 4 of STANAG 4569, including CBR protection system.
TITUS characteristics are in a special higher protection of the crew compartment while securing high mobility also in harsh terrain environment thanks to TATRA 6x6 chassis with central backbone tube and independently suspended swing half-axle (steering of the first and third axle). As a power unit may be used various engines such as TATRA, Cummis, etc. with fully automatic transmissions.
By using various mission kits and thanks to high compatibility with the modern weapon stations, can TITUS be fully adjusted according to user requirements. Because of TITUS high modularity, TITUS can be deployed in various roles and configurations: infantry fighting vehicle, ambulance, commander vehicle, communication vehicle, mortar carrier, recovery vehicle, combat system carrier (anti-tank, anti-aircraft defence system), reconnaissance vehicle, Police version.
TITUS can be equipped with various remote weapon stations from 7.62mm to 12.7mm, and 40mm Grenade Launchers or 20mm automatic cannon. TITUS is designed to be transportable by most of the commonly used middle or heavy category cargo aircrafts.

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