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Service and maintenance of vehicles Tatra, Pandur II 8x8, TITUS 6x6, military vehicles on platforms Land Rover Defender and Toyota

Besides production and development of wheeled armoured vehicles, our company also provides their complex maintenance and service.
We are proud contractual partner for Czech Army in the terms of service and maintenance of PANDUR II 8x8 vehicles including production and delivery of spare parts from authorised vendors.

In cooperation with company TATRA TRUCKS provides TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE maintenance and service of armoured cabins delivered by our company, last but not least, we provide standard repairs, defect detection, repair or general overhauls of LAND ROVERs. In the near future TDV will become authorised service center for vehicles TITUS 6x6. 
Service centre support will be provided by TATRA DEFENCE SYSTEMS, S.R.O.