Upravit stránku

For our customers we offer the following after-sales services:

  • service and maintenance of vehicles TATRA, Pandur II 8x8, TITUS 6x6, Land Rover Defender and Toyota
  • production and supply of spare parts
  • technical and user training
  • logistic support at customer

Besides production and development of wheeled armoured vehicles, our company provides for customers complex set of after-sales services.

Production and delivery of spare parts

As a part of our after-sales services we support our customers with delivery of original spare parts including technical documentation. To assure immediate availability of the spare parts for our clients, (mainly for our customers within The Czech Army), the spare parts warehouse is available at our premises. 

Logistic support at customer

WIthin logistic support at customers side, TDV carries out e.g. control defectation process, minor repairs, regular maintenance control and other supportive technical activities. 

Complex life cycle management of armoured vehicles

Tatra Defence Vehicle supports their clients with overall service and maintenance of manufactured vehicles and materials through their entire life cycle. Primary technical support includes e.g. mobile team service support, technical maintenance, mandatory revisions or counselling and advisory services. 

Technical and user training

To assure continous development of the technical knowledge and capabilities for users and service staff of armoured vehicles, company TDV provides on regular basis specialized trainings for our clients and their staff such as technicians, instructros and operators.

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