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TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, a.s. (TDV) has a unique know-how in production and development
of military and special vehicles. We focus mostly on wheeled chassis vehicles and their repair, maintenance, upgrade and modernisation. The company belongs to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding. In 2019 our company had 79 employees with turnover almost 41,5mil. USD.

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE is a proud owner of the exclusive license for development, production, trade and complex life cycle management of wheeled armoured vehicle Pandur II. Between our extended production portfolio belong development and production of modular armoured wheeled vehicle TITUS 6x6, development and production of armoured cabins for Tatra chassis and production of long-range patrol vehicles Gepard. Apart from production of special wheeled and armoured vehicles, our company also provides their repair, maintenance, service, user and service team training and co-operate closely with company TATRA TRUCKS, a.s. Our company has been established in 2015 and ever since we became a significant business enterprise in Czech Defence Industry.

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